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We are thrilled to announce a major upgrade to our scoring software! This redesign introduces significant enhancements to improve your user experience. Whether you're into Poomsae, Tuls, Kata or Sparing competitions, this update (7.7.4/2024.6) is a must-try!

Scoring Wi-Fi PRO is a simultaneous evolution and revolution. It represents a completely redesigned system, building upon the popularity and success of the TKD Scoring Wi-Fi Electronic System created in 2011, which has been utilized by numerous clubs for over 11 years. The current system is a comprehensive tournament management solution, professionally supporting various martial arts disciplines, including Sparring, Poomsae, Kumite, Kata, and more. It also offers functionalities for player registrations, divisions setup, and game drawing.

For a comprehensive comparison of the Scoring Systems, please visit the Electronic Scoring User’s Forum. Here, you'll find side-by-side comparisons of scoring systems and solutions shared by fellow tournament organizers. Benefit from their experiences, share your insights, and collaborate to enhance electronic scoring systems today.

In 2010, we embarked on a research journey to explore innovative options for creating accessible electronic scoring systems for any club. At that time, we foresaw the potential of Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones and tablets as replacements for the bulky and primitive joysticks used by existing wired electronic systems for referees and judges. After months of dedicated research, we introduced the very first low-cost Wi-Fi revolutionary product. This groundbreaking solution required no investment in new hardware, significantly reducing the system cost to a minimum. It perfectly addressed the day-to-day needs of masters organizing club competitions. The creation of this new era of accessible electronic scoring systems, now a standard in modern clubs and organizations, was immensely rewarding. It inspired us to continually invest our time in enhancing and evolving the system over the years. The original solution proved instrumental in bridging the gap for small and medium-sized Martial Arts clubs with limited financial resources.

Today, Scoring Wi-Fi maintains the affordability of the original product while incorporating over 11 years of continuous improvements. These enhancements result from extensive collaboration with a vast user community that has even contributed to translating our product into 12 languages and counting.

As anticipated, numerous clones of our original version have emerged. Unfortunately, these imitations often come with limited capabilities, catering exclusively to specific sports organizations like WT or ITF, with a primary focus on sparring. Most lack any form of customization, varying in appearance from primitive to challenging to configure. Additionally, many come with exorbitant costs or annual subscriptions amounting to hundreds of dollars. Some of these clones go a step further by adopting names strikingly similar to ours, such as TKD Scoring System and Wireless Scoring System. Notably, these replicas, including the recently discovered instance, are confined to a single type of scoring, lack support for simultaneous use on IOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS, and omit essential features such as player, division, and game management – all of which are integral aspects of our original product. Moreover, they charge subscribers ten times or more through their subscription plans, taking advantage of hidden pricing structures.

Other authentic professional products often require expensive hardware and ongoing maintenance, significantly escalating the overall cost to thousands of dollars. These products primarily target large international tournaments and are not accessible to smaller clubs or regular organizations. From our standpoint, we firmly believe that any system relying on a joystick represents a wasteful expenditure of money.

We take pride in being the original creators, unafraid to be compared with cloned products that mimic our innovative ideas. If you have any questions or require additions to our product, look no further. Don't hesitate to contact us; we have the solution for your needs. Additionally, feel free to reach out to the clones and inquire about our product.

The PRO version maintains the simplicity and low-cost nature of the original version. It features a full technical and cosmetic redesign, offering an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for tournament management with multiple courts.

This completely redesigned solution goes beyond a simple upgrade to the existing version; it's an innovative approach crafted to address the significant and complex challenges of match electronic scoring and tournament management. Representing a full technical and cosmetic redesign, it introduces a range of innovative ideas. The number, behavior, and appearance of the referee mobile buttons are entirely configurable from the server side, making the new version adaptable for use in other sports. Moreover, it is reconfigurable to accommodate changes in the rules of Taekwondo competitions over time. The new server solution enhances user experience and usability through the implementation of Material Design in the user interface, resolving scalability issues for computers with high-resolution screens. It incorporates a newer and significantly faster scoring engine (rules-pro), ensuring that points are displayed even more rapidly than in the previous system.

The new Martial Arts Wi-Fi PRO is your cost-effective solution for success, supporting your classes whether they are indoors, outdoors, in a park, or if you organize a professional tournament.


Wi-Fi ServerWindows64

Scoring Wi-Fi PRO was created by Taekwondo & Karate people like you and we use it in all our classes, just like you.

Wi-Fi ServerMac/Linux/Unix

Scoring Wi-Fi PRO was created with participation of Taekwondo & Karate people like you from over 12 countries and we use it in all our classes, just like you. Now it's successfully used around the world with the incredible fast growing popularity.

Wi-Fi Client PROAndroid

Scoring Wi-Fi was created by Taekwondo & Karate people like you and we use it in all our classes, just like you.

Wi-Fi Client PROIOS - IPhone/IPad

Scoring Wi-Fi was created by Taekwondo & Karate people like you and we use it in all our classes, just like you.
The only ever scoring system that makes possible to setup and start a class tournament in no-time at any time in any place by anybody. The first ever system dedicated for Martial Arts classes and Martial Arts Tournaments.