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Scoring Wi-Fi PRO

Scoring Wi-Fi PRO is an evolution and revolution at the same time. It’s a new completely redesigned system of the very popular and proven TKD Scoring Wi-Fi Electronic System we created in 2011, and it was used by many clubs for over 11 years now. Today system in a professional complete tournament management system supporting and not limited to Sparring, Poomsae, Kumite, Kata and other martial arts also providing solutions for players registrations, divisions setup and games drawing.

For a full comparisons of the Scoring Systems please check the Electronic Scoring User’s forum’. There you can find comparisons side by side of scoring systems and solutions shared by other tournament organizers. You can learn from other tournament organizers experience, and you can share your experience and cooperate to improve the today electronic scoring systems.

In 2010 we start researching new options in order to create new electronic scoring systems accessible to any club. At that time, we anticipated the power of the Wi-Fi mobile phones and tables in replacing the bulky and primitive joysticks used by existing wired electronic systems for referees and judges. After months of research, we invented and released the very first low-cost Wi-Fi revolutionary product that required no investment in new hardware cutting the system cost to minimum and a perfect response to the day-to-day requests from masters organizing club competitions. Creating the new way of accessible scoring electronic systems that became a standard in today modern club and organizations was so rewarding, encouraging us to continue investing our time in improving and evolving the system over the time. The original solution was perfect to fill the gap for small and medium Martial Arts clubs with no financial capabilities.

The today Scoring Wi-Fi retain the price of the old product and add over 11 years of improvements coming from collaboration with a massive number of users that even translated our product in 12 languages (and growing).

As expected there are a lot of clones of our original version. All of them have limited capabilities for sports and organizations like WT, ITF only and most of them are focus only in sparing. They have no customizations at all. Some look primitive, some are hard to configure and some of them are coming with ridiculous cost or subscriptions of hundreds of dollars per year. Some of the clones are using names very similar with ours to attract the users. Products cloning our old original product with hidden prices like the recently we noticed TKD Scoring System , are limited to one single type of scoring are not supporting IOS, Android, Windows and MacOS at the same time, are not including players, divisions, games management (as our product does) and are charging the subscribers 10 times or more money via subscriptions.

Other genuine professional products are coming with expansive hardware hath increase the cost to thousands of dollars. Their market are big international tournament and are not accessible to clubs or regular organizations. From our perspective we believe any system using a joystick is a waste of money.

We are the original and we are not afraid of being compared with cloned products copying our original and innovative ideas we are proud of. If you have any questions or you need an addition to our product don't look somewhere else, don't hesitate to contact us, we will have the solution for your needs. And why not contact and question the clones too and ask about our product.

The PRO version kept the simplicity and the low-cost cost of the original version, with a full technical and cosmetic redesign including, an easy to use, complete solution for tournament management with multiple courts.

This completely new redesigned solution is not just a simple upgrade to the existing version; it's a new innovating solution created to solve the big and complex problems of match electronic scoring and tournament management; it’s a full technical and cosmetical redesign introducing a number of innovative ideas. The number, the behaviour, the look and feel of the referee mobile buttons are fully configurable from the server side, making the new version usable for other sports as well; it’s also reconfigurable if the rules of the Taekwondo competition change over the time. The new server solution increases the user's experience and usability through the new Material Design implementation of the user interface that also solves the scalability issues for computers with high resolution screens. It’s using a newer and much faster redesigned scoring engine (rules-pro) which will display the points even faster than on the previous system.

The new Martial Arts Wi-Fi PRO is your cost-effective solution for success that supports you if your class is indoor, outdoor, in a park or if you organize a profesional tournament.


Wi-Fi ServerWindows64

Scoring Wi-Fi PRO was created by Taekwondo & Karate people like you and we use it in all our classes, just like you.

Wi-Fi ServerMac/Linux/Unix

Scoring Wi-Fi PRO was created with participation of Taekwondo & Karate people like you from over 12 countries and we use it in all our classes, just like you. Now it's successfully used around the world with the incredible fast growing popularity.

Wi-Fi Client PROAndroid

Scoring Wi-Fi was created by Taekwondo & Karate people like you and we use it in all our classes, just like you.

Wi-Fi Client PROIOS - IPhone/IPad

Scoring Wi-Fi was created by Taekwondo & Karate people like you and we use it in all our classes, just like you.
The only ever scoring system that makes possible to setup and start a class tournament in no-time at any time in any place by anybody. The first ever system dedicated for Martial Arts classes and Martial Arts Tournaments.