TKD Scoring Wi-Fi PRO 1.0.0 Release Announcement

Organizing and running a tournament has never been easier.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TKD Scoring Wi-Fi PRO Varsion 5 Releases Oct 2022 Updates

29 Oct 2022. Taekwondo Scoring Wi-Fi PRO Version 5 with full support for Best of 3 Scoring System is released.

The Version 5 of TKD Scoring Wi-Fi PRO Server has been released and made available for the public to download. This is a major release version and includes new features, is addressing all user reported incompatibilities with the best of 3 scoring system, improve the visual score and points reporting, improves the server score response performance as well other performance and bug fixes. For a full list of changes please review our release notes.

Our most popular low-cost Wireless Electronic Scoring Software remains a solid competitive option for Tournament organizers; with the new game profiling support, score reporting and equiped with a new improved and better scoring points engine, utilising a new adaptive points processing technology implemented by Scoring Wi-Fi development team for reat-time score processors in order to improve the referees speed and accuracy.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team if you have any feedback, questions, suggestions, or issues running the application. We always appreciate any kind of feedback, and we are open to all suggestions. As everybody know, our application evolution is based on the user’s feedback.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TKD Scoring Wi-Fi PRO Releases Feb 2022 Updates

Feb 22nd, 2022. From today, the Taekwondo World will be able to enjoy the new generation of Taekwondo Scoring Wi-Fi PRO.

The new product has required three years of R&D. Our new PRO version of our most popular low-cost Wireless Electronic Scoring Software has not just had a simple upgrade to the existing version, but now has a completely new redesigned solution. This new solid solution utilises new technologies for backend processing and the user interface, making use of the new Points Processor 'Rules-Pro' which has been fully redesigned by Scoring Wi-Fi development team to improve the speed and accuracy of the score processing, resulting in time processing reduction. It involves using a dynamic rules management engine during the points processing in order to allow the users to choose/change/configure or modify the events submitted by referees’ mobiles and the points allocated for each event.

The PRO version now also supports dynamic referee UI controller configuration. In the old product, the controller was supporting only either 2 or 4 buttons already preconfigured by our software. The referee mobile UI was static, the users had no option to modify the predefined referee screen.

In our new solution, the number, the behaviour, the look and feel of the referee mobile buttons are fully configurable from the server side, making the new version usable for other sports as well; it also makes the product reconfigurable if the rules of the Taekwondo competition change overtime. The new server solution increases the user's experience and usability through the new Material Design implementation of the user interface that also solves the scalability issues for computers with high resolution screens. It uses a newer and much faster redesigned scoring engine (Rules-Pro) which processed & displays the points even faster than on the previous already popular system.

The new Tournament Planner is replacing the old competition management module used by TKD Scoring Wi-Fi. Included Tournament Planner is using SQL and is built in top of an embedded Relational database management system (RDBMS). The product is coming with an embedded database ready to use out of the box. The user can configure the server to use an external SQL database and can configure multiple servers to share the same database if they run more than one court for a tournament.

Using the relational database, Scoring Wi-Fi is organizing data into tables which are linked—or related—based on data type. Using the SQL database, the Planner provides the ability to the users to generate meaningful report in no-time and to extract and/or import meaningful data directly into the tables.

Taking advantage of the embedded SQL database, the new PRO Server is recording, along the score, every single score event received from the referees.

Summary of the new features Scoring Wi-Fi PRO 1.0.0 brings to you:

  • Material Design UI.
  • Embedded SQL database
    • Can be switched to use the customers database.
  • Customizable Referee UI.
    • Customizable number of buttons
    • Customizable buttons layout
    • Customizable scoring points for each button.
    • Simple and easy to use referee Layout UI designer
  • Tournament Planner including:
    • Division manager
    • Player manager
    • Club manager
    • Game designer
    • Save games draws to PDF capability
    • Import/Export division and players to Excel
  • Easy and convenient referee registration using QR codes
  • Network ports customizations to avoid conflicts with other running applications.
  • Clustering multiple servers for tournaments with multiple courts
  • More convenient license per server.
    • Division manager
    • Simpler process to activate the process
    • Replacing the old license per client used by the old product.


TKD Software Advance Server 9.0.0 Release Announcement

Organizing and running a tournament has never been easier.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TKD Scoring Wi-Fi Releases July Updates

Jul 16th, 2016. Today, Taekwondo World start to enjoy for free the newly released server version of our most popular low cost Wireless Electronic Scoring Software.

Organizing and running a martial art tournament has never been easier than using our application designed for clubs, with Taekwondo clubs in mind and now made even better!

From the previous major release in 2015, we've worked hard especially to introduce new major features, extremely required by our users, as well as improving the existing software platform to enhance your experience as tournament organizer.

With this release of the new TKD Advance Server for Desktop we expand our tournament software platform into a new area of Tournament Management resolving another problem the organiser are facing in any event with more to come.

Starting with version 9.0, we offer a complete solution, you can use the TKD Advanced Scoring Server as a single and simple to use integrated solution that allow you to end-to-end organise and manage your divisions, players, games and as well as to score the matches.

The Tournament Management Workspace (the lates addition to our platform) will save the time you spend to register your players and organize your divisions and matches. This TKD Advance Scoring Server brings a number of UI improvements, code bug fixes and performance improvement and updates to the existing popular WiFi Scoring Server and is a recommended update for everyone running the earlier versions or Scoring Wi-Fi server.

The version 9.0.0 brings to you:

  • The new Tournament Management Workspace With the introduction of Tournament Management Workspace, we removed the simple Players List module. Please note there is no migration for existing players list to the new module. The new module provides a simple option to import the players from a standard Excel file that makes the migration very smooth as well as preparing a new tournament, exporting the results and generating the draw. For more details please review the notes about 'Tournament Management Workspace'.
  • Migrating from Java JDK 6 to the latest JDK 8.
  • Improved Judge controllers connection response-time by a better use of the new Java NIO.
  • Better UI usability.
    - Review the space bar function for game stop/start; the new implementation has improvements and fixes for compatibility with more operating systems versions.
    - Add a new menu item to the top-level toolbar menu for 'Players and Games Setup' workspace to avoid confusion.
    The new menu option provided simple access to the new Games Management Software module that replace the previous version of the "Players List" screen.
    In our previous release, in order to access the "Players List" setup screen, you had to click one of the players name in the score area.
    In the new release we added the new top menu option and we remove the triggers from the main scoring panel.

The TKD Tournament Management Workspace

With the introduction of the new Tournament Management Workspace module, everything is made simple. Using the fully integration between existing Wireless Scoring and the new Management Workspace, you are just a mouse click away from starting your next tournament. .

This is a completely new module, a heavily requested component over the time by lots of users and now finally we are ready to release it public starting with this release.

We already know organising a tournament is a big challenge. So we decided to use our years of experience and history working with tournament organisers and everything we learned to produce a new effective tournament management software but also fully integrated with our scoring system to remove double data entry.

The new Management Module will help any tournament organiser to remove the paperwork and reduce the necessary time for organising a tournament. Our tournament platform will enable you to focus on the tournament not on data entry. The first version includes:

  • organise the games devisions
  • collect the tournament entries,
  • generate the games schedule,
  • generate a professional, simple to distribute and easy to display games draw,
  • automatically saves the matches results during the tournament,
  • allows you to import data from any other online registration system using simple EXCEL spreadsheet files,
  • exports the players/games/results in a standard spreadsheet file format, that allows you to easily publish your results online or import the results in other management systems.

To find out more about the TKD Scoring WiFi history, WiFi Referee for iOS, iPhone, iPad, Android and PC(Linux, Windows or IOS) or Scoring WiFi Server for Android please refer to the TKD Scoring WiFi website ( and our earlier versions release notes.

TKD Scoring WiFi and TKD Management System is available for free and can be obtained in various binary formats from for any of the major operating systems available today including but not limited to OSX, Windows, Linux and UNIX systems supporting Java Runtime.

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